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Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

I provide services in both SMM & SEO. Main focuses include (but not limited to) creating content to post, regularly posting to social media platforms/profiles, and running Google AdWords PPC campaigns. In addition I can help you run through your website's backend to make sure that all your keywords, meta descriptions, and alt information are aligned to ensure that you are maximizing your search visibility for organic traffic. 

SMM - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

If you are looking to buff up your Social Media visibility or online presence, but don't have the time to do so yourself, I can help you out. We can discuss a marketing strategy for what you would like to be going out, who should be seeing it, target demographics, etc. I will help you build a schedule for regular posting and then perform your posting for you. If you prefer to automate the process I have tools that I am familiar with and can recommend to schedule all your Social Media posting ahead of time - I'll also schedule it all for you. 

I can do research for you to generate a pool of posting material that we can draw upon so that we never run out of content to post. I can also help you create graphic images to send out on your feed. 

The most important part of staying on top of your social media is consistency. Let me help you to never fall behind in your posting.

I can help you set up and manage your Google AdWords account by creating new campaigns for you, managing your spending so that you don't overshoot your budget, monitoring visibility and clicks, and modifying your campaigns to ensure that the best potentials are getting to your landing pages.

I can also help you cross-check your existing landing pages and optimize them for AdWords compatibility to maximize the chances that a Google search will boost your ad(s) to the top of the line. 

SEO - Google AdWords | PPC

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