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Ruben Consulting Group

Client: Ruben Consulting Group

Industry: Executive Leadership Coaching

Services Provided:

  • Graphics

  • SMM & SEO

  • Web

  • Video

  • Research & Analysis 

Service Breakdown:


  • Designed digital graphic materials for marketing purposes and visibility

  • Designed printable graphic materials for lecture/teaching purposes

  • Designed graphic content for RCG website (banners, blog images, buttons)

  • Contributed to the overall look and feel of the RCG brand in its development


  • Scheduled posting to Social Media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) through HubSpot's Publisher feature

  • Posting daily "tips" relevant to industry for visibility and conversation starters

  • Created graphic content to post daily to Facebook & LinkedIn for visibility and conversation starters

  • Averaging 5 - 15 Social Media posts going out per day to all profiles


  • Designed current RCG website (page layout, arrangement​, graphics, links, downloadable content, video, etc.)

  • Worked with web developer to customize purchased template to fit specific client needs

  • Update content & pages as needed 


  • Created ​custom promotional video for RCG

  • Animated logos and illustrations provided for video use

  • Collaborated on script with Founder of RCG, Marcia Ruben

  • Found voice talent & royalty free music to use for video 

Research & Analysis:

  • Regular review of articles & publications for relevant content to incorporate into/reference for brand materials

  • Reviewed data sets & organized into spreadsheets (Google Sheets/MS Excel)

  • General research for potential 3rd party services as needed

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